GIRLE-HIBASEX.COM Hidden SinglesIf a number only shows up as a candidate in one cell of a row or column you may set that cell value to be that number. In the example below the candidate 7 is only found in C7 along the highlighted row. Since each row must contain one 7 this cell must be the 7. This is a hidden single and is given a Sudoku Snake skill value of 3.Like with hidden singles by box this technique can be spotted without filling in the candidates by visualizing the elimination of units and seeing what remains. The above example is repeated below in this manner. By visualizing the elimination of the shown columns and box it can be seen that a 7 must go in the green cell. Hidden SinglesThe definition of a hidden single is when a pencil mark is the only one of its kind in an entire row column or block.For example can you find one in the sample belowThis row must have a 7 in it somewhere because in Sudoku all rows have a 7. If you look closely at the pencil marks you will see only one cell that has a 7 as one of its candidates.What does this mean Simple. That cell must be the 7 Erase all the other pencil marks fill in the 7 with your pen and erase any other 7 pencil marks in the same column or block we already know there arent any in that row.Similarly the below sample shows there is only one 4 pencil mark in the entire blockAs I said the problem with these guys is that theyre hard to find In order to perform an exhaustive search you need to look at every row column and block for each of the numbers 1 through 9. This means nine rows nine columns and nine blocks these are sometimes referred to as the 27 different houses for nine different numbers. Thats 243 27 x 9 different searchesOK I may have overstated it a bit for effect. The truth is you wouldnt scan a row for a single 5 pencil mark if the row already had a 5 in it. 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Connect Now 100 FREE Online Dating Connecting Singles is a 100 FREE online dating service The digit is hidden among other possible digits for that cell.Lets have a look at the marked box on this Sudoku and try to see which possible cells could contain the digit 1 in that house.Take a look at row number 8.It has 1 at R8C4 this means that there cannot be 1 anywhere on this row.R8C4 blocks 1 from appearing anywhere on this row.Now lets have a look at row number 9.It has 1 at R9C3 this means that there cannot be 1 anywhere on this row as well.R9C3 blocks 1 from appearing anywhere on this row.Now have a look at column number 7.It has 1 at R4C7 this means that there cannot be 1 anywhere on this column.R9C3 blocks 1 from appearing anywhere on that column.Looking back at house number 9 it looks that 1 cannot reside in any of the cells marked in grey as we just explained.The only empty cell left is R7C9.The basic Sudoku rule says that each house has to have all the digits 1 through 9 and therefore R7C9 has to be Full House is the easiest as well.A Full House is simply the last digit that can be placed in a house. If it is the last digit for the whole grid it is sometimes called Last Digit. In the example above on the left block 8 has only one unfilled cell left. The only missing digit is 6 r9c6 must therefore be a 6.In the example on the right the Full House is in row 5 Only digit 1 is missing.Hidden SingleHidden Single means that for a given digit and house only one cell is left to place that digit. The cell itself has more than one candidate left the correct digit is thus hidden amongst the rest.Look at cell r3c4 in the example on the left The digits 4 6 and 9 are possible according to the rule. If we look closely at row 3 however we notice that in this row digit 6 can only be placed in r3c4. r3c1 r3c2 and r3c3 are blocked by digit 6 in r2c3 r3c6 is blocked by digit 6 in r6c6. That means that 6 can be placed in r3c4.In the right example one of several Hidden Singles can be found in r6c4 Digit 3 is the only 3 in row 6 column 4 and block 5.Naked SingleNaked Single means that in a specific cell only one digit remains possible the last remaining candidate has no other candidates to hide behind and is thus naked. The digit must then g xoxowebcam.comHidden CandidatesHidden PairsLooking for Hidden Pairs is a great way to open up the board. This approach can remove a cluster of candidates from two cells and leave behind simple pairs which are the building blocks of more complex elimination strategies. Hidden Pair example From the StartLooking at the top of this moderate puzzle we see that 6 and 7 have been found in the first two boxes. Along with the 6 and 7 in column 7 this pins the placement of 6 and 7 in the third box to A8 and A9. It still appears that there are a great number of other candidates in A8 and A9 which is true up to a point. However these extra candidates hide the true values for these cells. We have deduced that 6 and 7 must go in A8 and A9 and therefore we can clear off all the alternatives. This doesnt mean we know which way rou The Hidden Single is a lot less sinister than its name suggests. In fact most of the Sudokus published in newspapers and magazines can be solved by hidden singles only. Together with the Naked Single it belongs to the singles the most elementary solving techniques. A Hidden Single is a single candidate remaining for a specific digit in a row column or box. In Sudoku variants additional constraints can also produce Hidden Singles. An alternative term is Pinned Digit. It may sound like a daunting task checking 27 houses for each of the 9 digits thus performing 243 checks but most players do not check each of these combinations individually. Instead they use techniques like Scanning and CrossHatching to locate the hidden singles. Example The following example has a Hidden Single for digit 4 at the cell r6c5 row 6 column 5. This is the only cell with 4 as a candidate in the middle box. Some Sudoku Helpers such as SudoCue and Simple Sudoku have the ability to highlight the cells for a chosen digit. Such highlighting makes Hidden Singles particularly obvious. The following is the same example grid with all cells having 4 as a candidate highlighted. Sudoku Games SOLVING SUDOKUThe One RuleFill in all blank cells making sure that each row column and 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9.The BasicsFirstly its impossible to get very far without carefully maintaining a list of possible values or candidates for each blank cell. Doing this by hand is laborious and prone to error and often detracts from the fun of solving these puzzles. Fortunately programs like Simple Sudoku will do this for you while leaving you with the fun of applying logic to solve each puzzle.If you dont have a program to help systematically analyse at each blank cell. Start with the assumption it can have any digit or value between 1 and 9 and then remove all values which have already been assigned to other cells in its respective row column and 3x3 box. This leaves each blank cell with a list of candidates.Repeat the following logical steps until the puzzle is solved. Only progress to more difficult steps when simpler steps neither reveal new values nor exclude candidates from blank cells.SinglesAny cells which have only one candidate can safely be assigned that value.It is very important whenever a value is as Stack Overflow This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and job listings. By using our site you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. Your use of Stack Overflows Products and Services including the Stack Overflow Network is subject to these policies and terms. Join Stack Overflow to learn share knowledge and build your career.up votedown votefavoriteSo I am trying to write a program that solves sudoku puzzles and it works most of the time but when I try solving a puzzle that can only be solved through hiddenSingles sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. public class Sudoku private int row column private intboard public Sudoku public Sudoku intboard column board.length row board0.length this.board board public void printBoard for int i 0 i 9 i if i30 System.out.println for int j 0 j 9 j ifj 3 0 System.out.print if j 0 System.out.printf boardij else System.out.printf boardij System.out.print System.out.printfn public int board return board public boolean candidatesint row int column boolean candidate new boolean10 candidate0 false for int i 1 i 10 i if isRowOccupied i row column isCol Solving Sudoku Hidden Single Unique CandidateIf a cell is the only one in a row column or block that can take a particular value then it must have that value.All rows columns and blocks must contain each of the digits 1 to 9 so ifthere is only one cell that can hold a particular value then it must hold that value.For example in the partial Sudoku puzzle below the marked cell is the only one in block five that can hold a 2 and so it must hold a 2.So why is this technique called hidden single Simply because if you usea computer assistant such as SadManSudoku that gives you the full and complete candidate listing for allcells these cells are the only ones to have a certain digit each but theyrehidden amongst the other candidates for the cell.Contrast this to naked single.Here are some Sudoku puzzles that can be solved using only naked and hidden singles What are .sdk files Planet Sudokus helpers section will improve your puzzle solving skills.Show Hints Candidates will help you see the available pencil values within the cell row column and boxes.Sudoku How To Technique Hidden SingleThe second and ONLY OTHER method for entering a pencil value into a CELL and almost as easy as the HIDDEN SINGLE method. This method uses the logic of this is the only CELL that this HINT is available for within the CELLs ROW COLUMN and BOX container. Reviewing the diagram you can see that the cell R4C7 has the valid HINTS of 378. However the HINT of 8 is not present in any other CELL within its ROW R4. Knowing this knowledge we know that CELL R4C7 is the only valid location for the PENCIL value of 8. The highlighted value of 8 within the other cells would be removed after we enter the PENCIL value of 8 into R4C7.This solving method has been categorized as Easy Sudoku. Try this and other Easy Sudoku solving methods. Send an email toSolving methods 1 The singlesSingles can be identified by eliminating the numbers already present on the rows columns and blocks.The following methods permit the solution of most easy puzzles.1.1 Naked singlesA number can be assigned to a cell when it is the only possibility given the row the column and the block that contain the cell in question.In E6 only 4 is possible since the other numbers are already in the groups row column and block of the cell.1569 can be eliminated since they are allready in the row. 238 can be eliminated since they are already in the column. 678 can be eliminated since they are already in the block. Therefore 4 remains as a naked candidate.1.2 Hidden singlesWhen a cell is the only one in a group that can receive a number it must contain that number.Looking at candidates for a group if one number appears only in a cell even if other numbers are candidates thru the preceding method 1.1 then this cell must contain that number.In the 7th block bottom left 8 is possible only in the center cell